IT In The D – Episode 38: Heartbleed, training and your career, rants, news and more

IT in the D, Episode 38…from an opening rant to training classes that can help you with your career to the whole heartbleed debacle that’s ripping through the internet…a really fun show.

Well, most of us had fun.  Bob was feeling a little under the weather, but he carried on like a trooper.  He should be back to normal by the time our event on Thursday night over at Blackfinn happens.  You’re coming to that, right?

Our in-studio guests were Christy Rowe from New Horizons and return guest Mark Stanislav of Duo Security.

Lots of great information in this episode, both for your career and your own piece of mind and well-being on the internet, so let’s go ahead and dive in…

(Christy had to bail pre-photo op due to a sick child)

Our first segment usually kicks off with introductions, some light banter, and then a back and forth banter about news items that have caught our eye over the previous week, but, well, this time there was a rant to be handled right at the top of the show, and so away we went.  But then we got into some topics of the week, as well as mentioning our event that’s taking place this Thursday night over at BlackFinn in Royal Oak.

In our second segment, we checked in with Christy Rowe from New Horizons.  She’s been hanging out and working with people in our group for years…and took no small measure of satisfaction in pointing out that I was wrong about something…and that I was apparently a bit of a pain when we first met and…oh, just listen and hear for yourself.  We had a a great chat about what’s new at New Horizons, what skills are in hot demand, what’s out there for veterans, and a whole host of other topics.

Unfortunately Christy had to bail out after our chat due to a sick child at home, but all things being equal, that probably worked out for the best since we had an awful lot to talk about with our other guest, Mark Stanislav.

We spent the last two segments talking about heartbleed – what it means to businesses and to regular people, too.  We talked about the end of support for Windows XP.  And, well, honestly we even geeked out a little bit getting into some specifics on what actually happened and what’s really impacted by it all.

Great, great conversation.  Always love having Mark in to talk through things like this.

To recap the various discussion points from throughout the night…both the ones we hit and the ones we didn’t manage to get to…

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Missed a few Simpsons episodes over the years?  All 522 will air from Aug 21 through Labor Day on FXX:

Heartbleed, obviously:  (great smackdown rant about that here:, and Canada stopped taking eFiled tax returns ( over it.

Facebook updates privacy settings…again…and they’re using a cartoon dinosaur with it:

Google: teach girls to code, get $2500.  teach boys to code, get $0.  WTF?!  How is this NOT discrimination and sexism? (read the details below – it’s ALL for female students)

If you think social media helps your company, you’re wrong:

Hey, did you use in-flight WiFi?  You might as well just send everything straight to the NSA.  Gogo does anyway:

Cops in LA are destroying the equipment put in cars to monitor them:,0,7666331.story

Aggression in video gamers isn’t caused by the games, the images, or the in-game violence…it’s the STUPID GOD DAMNED CONTROLLERS FAULT!

Comcast: Consumerist’s worst company of 2014

Remember “cow tipping”…well, those whacky hippie kids in San Francisco are all into Smart Car Tipping.

Who ISN’T switching from XP…and why?

44% of all twitter accounts have never tweeted:,2817,2456489,00.asp

Remember the old Atari game “night driver”?  Go play it in real life:

Dude who put the “bop” in the “bop-she-bop-she-bop” (or at least wrote the code responsible for Heartbleed) says “Oops.  My bad.”

Google bought a drone maker:

Carpenter cuts off his fingers with ripsaw (by accident, for the record), builds new ones with 3d printer:

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