IT In The D – Episode 37 – One Month Apps, Zing Wireless, Air-Packet and Pssst…Hey, Man…


IT in the D, Episode 37…and what a great time we had tonight.

Bob and Dave flew without their safety net as the Voice of Reason was out of town, and miraculously, nothing seriously went awry.

We were joined in-studio by Adam Kaump of One Month Apps, Tolly Marcus of Air Packet and Zing, and our go-to, unofficially official fourth horseman of the apocalypse, Jeff Haase.

Couldn’t have asked for a better show.  Great conversations with the guests, lots of insight into cool stuff they have going on…let’s go ahead and get to the details and the files so you can listen…

IMG_20140407_230854_611As always, in our first segment, we wandered through introductions and chatter, discussing some of the news stories from the prior week that have caught our attention.

In our second segment, we dove right in with Adam and talked about One Month Apps.  Adam’s one of the founders, and they’ve got a great business model going – rapid native mobile app development for companies of any size that are looking for a fast turnaround on their apps without sacrificing quality.  They’re both taking on new clients and looking for additional experienced app developers to work on the projects they have in the pipeline, so check them out at

Our third segment hopped into chatting with Tolly Marcus and all of the cool stuff he’s going going on, whether it’s the fourteen year old company Zing, his latest venture Air Packet, or even just playing with drones.  He’s got a great business going, throwing wireless connectivity into just about wherever you could possibly need it.  He’s worked with local governments, military bases, and companies throughout the nation.  It’s definitely a solid solution for those companies who are having issues getting bandwidth in downtown Detroit…or anywhere, actually…so check him out at or

The fourth and final segment doubled back on a few earlier topics and introduced some new ones as we closed out the night.

To recap the various discussion points from throughout the night…both the ones we hit and the ones we didn’t manage to get to…

You can find us at, on Facebook at, on Meetup at, and on Twitter at

You can find One Month Apps at, and you can find Adam at

Information on Tolly’s companies can be found at or

– And now carpooling is illegal?

– Bob’s favorite story of the week:

– 5 year old discovers XBox password vulnerability:

– Why more ISPs aren’t popping up:

– How the Internet is killing religion:

– Power plants and oil rigs with gaping security holes.  Awesome.

– MUG’s event Tuesday night about Facebook’s infrastructure:


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