Interested in a Downtown Event and a Red Wings Game?

Make sure you get to the “cast a vote” part of this, because we want your feedback.

Okay…so we try and keep a very huge and clearly defined line in the sand between “” and “Anything involving money”. We do so for a number of reasons, but primarily because we’re absolutely committed to doing what we do in a way that keeps what we do absolutely free for anyone that wants to attend our events.

We’re going to try an experiment. We’re going to pull together an event downtown. The event will, like all of our events, be absolutely and completely free to attend for anyone that wants to show up for what will basically be one of our normal networking events like the ones at the BlackFinn in Royal Oak. So, still on track with everything we do – no cover charges, no fees, no anything. Just a good, solid networking event.

But there happens to be a Red Wings game on the night that we’re trying to pull this all together…and there are these connections that we’ve made recently that might be able to help us with the “fun and different” part of the equation…

…and it turns out that they perhaps can help out on that front…

…but we still want to do the free networking event…

…and so we’re going to maybe do both.  But, that really depends on the feedback.

So let’s be completely clear here:

1.  Still a networking event.

2.  Still free.

3.  Downtown.

4.  You can go to the Red Wings game if you want to buy a ticket at whatever the discounted group rate winds up being.

5.  You don’t have to go to the game to do the event.  We make no promises, guarantees, assertions, or even suggestions about the number of people that will be going to the event and going to the game or not.  We have zero idea yet.  Completely winging this and throwing it together on the fly.  Again, this is why we need your feedback.

6.  We’re not getting anything out of this other than testing the waters of doing an event downtown, and hopefully having some fun and a good time watching the Red Wings demolish their opponent. 🙂  We’ll be buying our tickets just like everyone else that decides to go.

…and we’re still not even really sure that this is “solid” yet.  We’re just having the initial conversations about it currently, and wanted to get some input and feedback from you.  Because that’s what we do.