Self Important Twitter Guy

Consider us the Martin Blank of the IT industry. It’s not me, something you did brought me to your door….

OK, that’s it. I seriously can’t take it anymore. I thought I was going to pull my hair out from “Linkedin Class Guy”, but honestly I think “Self Important Twitter Guy” has pushed it too far and needs to seriously be depantsed.

OK, we get it, Twitter is the best. thing. ever. Really? Is it? Or is it simply just another form of communication? Never before have I seen this wave of “OMG, THERE’S THIS THING, IT’S AWESOME, YOU NEEED TO USE IT!!11!” people in the universe.

Where did you come from? What did you do before Twitter?

Were you calling your friends the day the beeper came out and have meetings talking about the “AWESOMENESS OF THE BEEPER!!” at local coffee shops?

Did you page all of your friends when the cell phone came out screaming, “OMG! THE BEEPER SUCKS!!!1! BUY ONE OF THESE!!!! Let’s have meetings to talk about the greatness of the cell phone!!11!”

…no, I am sure you simply got a cell phone and went on with your life, right?

Well, then why must you go on these speaking engagements, classes, and *gag* Tweetups to simply talk about another form of communication that exists in the world?

As I stated many times, I get Twitter, I get Facebook, I get Linkedin, I really do. To me, they are simply another club in my golf bag, but let’s all be honest with each other, Twitter is mass text messaging. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So instead of your inbox being filled with chain emails from friends, now your TweetDeck is being filled from people you may or may not know talking about things you may or may not care about. Only difference is, you only get 140 characters this time and no dirty pictures from your friends.

I would love to debate on this with someone, I really would. So I am putting it out to the Tweetesphere (is that a word yet? Because it should be because of how stupid it sounds):

Sell me on how awesome Twitter is.

I am begging you. We can even use a public forum, put it on YouTube, whatever. I can be reached at